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Monday, April 21, 2008

craft time

I got this fantastic idea from E&T's blog. I cut up scraps of paper and let Joshua place them all over a piece of contact paper. It was like a giant sticker, and it kept him busy for at least 8 minutes. When he was done I folded it in half and hung it on the door. I brought out the supplies the next day when his little friend "Chi-Chi" came over to visit too. I love this idea, since it doesn't use GLUE. (I'm a bit scared to introduce that medium to a toddler.)



E and T said...

Wow, Joshua did a great job. His collage looks so colourful. Sticking things together without glue, is definately the way to go if you can.

Thanks for sharing Joshua's work and mentioning my blog.

mom said...

What a great and creative idea for toddlers. Should we bring supplies when we get together?

Jane said...

Totally creative. Had to laugh because I was surprised when I read "it kept him busy for..." I thought ahead and was thinking 30 minutes! LOL! You can tell I don't have kids yet!


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