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Monday, March 3, 2008

A is for APPLE

A is for apple and alligator
B is for best friend and baseball bat
C is for careful and caterpillar
D is for diaper and dance
E is for empty and elevator
F is for funny and fright
G is for good morning, good night
H is for hugs, hello, how are you
I is for ice and important
J is for juice, joke
K is for kids, kiss and king
L is for Leah and laugh hahaha
M is for maybe and mice
N is for now and nice and never
O is for owls out at night
P is for party and peanut butter
Q is for quiet and queen
R is for ready and run
S is for sit and sing
T is for tired and tell a story
U is umbrella and understand
V is for very, and visit, vacation
X is for x-rays
Y is for yesterday
Z is for zipper and now we are done! Hurray!

Signing Time ABC song

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