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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Deception and Trickery in the Kitchen

I think every mother wants to prepare nutritious food for their family. Unfortunately for my little family, my motivation comes in bursts and fizzles out quickly. I must have inherited that gene. I certainly remember my mom buying those nasty caro-chocolate chips and other "healthy" things from the food co-op from time to time.

Now that K-K is starting to eat real people food, I'm going through the "I should puree the fruits and veggies myself" phase. Don't get me wrong... I still buy dozens of tiny Gerber food containers, but some things are pretty easy to prepare. Sweet potatoes and bananas are the two easiest that come to mind.

On my last trip to the library by myself, I picked up this book by Jessica Seinfeld. It explains how to steam and puree every type of veggie and fruit out there, and has a bunch of recipes using the puree. Now, some I wouldn't even consider, like brownies made with carrots AND spinach. C'mon... isn't one veggie enough? Or chickpea puree in chocolate chip cookies. Sorry.. that's one I can't bring myself to try.

I did add 1/2 cup of sweet potatoes to pancakes; Joshua and I ate them right up. I added 1/2 cup of cauliflower to scrambled eggs, and that wasn't so good. B was SERIOUSLY ANNOYED and MAD that I was trying to trick him. I believe the exact words were: "Don't try to fix something that isn't broke!", in regards to the eggs. Hey. I agree that the cauliflower didn't exactly dissapear into the eggs. But this process requires some experimentation! Here's the dilemma: he can happily go a full week without eating one vegetable. I do believe somewhere in the fine print of my unwritten contract there is a line about a solemn duty to provide nutritious food to my family. He might disagree. Does Prego tomato sauce count as a vegetable?


Sara said...

Prego is TOTALLY a veg! Esp if you get the Garden Veggie kind ;-)

Marlene said...

Well, well. I got this book too, along with The Sneaky Chef. One of my kids puts her veggies under her tongue and continues to eat other food. After about two or three small spoonfuls of veggies, she won't eat ANYTHING and will literally hold the veggies under her tongue for two hours. She's done this on numerous occasions, and we finally have to make her spit it out when it's time to get ready for bed. I'm NOT exaggerating! I made mac n cheese with squash for a playdate, and my friend and I LOVED the taste of it. We really thought it was delicious. Our kids didn't like it much-- but they were willing to eat it. We tried cauliflower in mashed potatoes and it tasted sour -- but it might have been because of the buttermilk. None of us liked that. We're going to try it without the buttermilk some time. And we've picked out a few recipes to try. I made my own baby food for both my kids too, 90% of the time, and froze them into ice cube trays for convenient sizing. We then popped the cubes into ziplock bags. I plan to continue to experiment with the recipes.


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