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Monday, February 11, 2008

I Am....

I am living my childhood dreams. I am happy and content. I am enjoying nature's sunshine and flowers. I am a wife. I am devoted to my family. I am in LOVE with my husband. I am in AWE of my children. I am looking forward to the FUTURE. I am happy to be 29. I am expecting to CELEBRATE many more birthdays. I am the keeper of our memories and organizer of our photos. I am passionate about recording my life and my family. I am AWARE of how precious and fleeting life is. I am not going to waste a single MOMENT on things that do not bring me joy. I am a friend, sister and daughter. I am CREATIVE. I am going to live the life I've dreamed. I am loved by many. I am BLESSED.

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mom said...

Positive affirmation of who you are is esstential...because we can sometimes be our worst enemy. I want to know that I admire you. It makes me proud and happy that you are living your childhood dream of being the wonderful woman, wife, and mother you are. I love you, honey.


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