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Thursday, January 24, 2008

I am Super Woman

I am a Superwoman
Even when I'm a mess
I still put on a vest
With an S on my chest
Oh yes I'm a Superwoman

Alicia Keys

On a total impulse, I bought Alicia Keys CD from Target. I've heard people talk about her music, and wanted to buy myself a "treat". Actually I was looking for Carrie Underwood's CD, but ran out of patience to look for it.So, Alicia's been playing in my kitchen . I turn her on to keep me company and to balance out the baby cries and toddler talk that I hear all day long.
Every time I hear the "super woman" song, I start to feel myself stand up straighter and think, "That's right! I AM A SUPERWOMAN!" Of course, I'm always standing at the kitchen sink washing dishes, but it's not just any woman who can conquer the dirty dishes! It takes a SUPER woman.
I'm too young for the "I am woman; hear me roar" philosophy, but there is something about that song that speaks to me and encourages me. It's not often that someone besides my mom tells me what a great job I'm doing, or is impressed with all I accomplish in a day. Everyone take care of thier babies, does laundry, makes dinner, cleans, works to make $, keeps in touch with friends and family, plays games, feeds the cats , shop for the family and on and on. I know my daily tasks are not extra-ordinary, and maybe it's a little silly to enjoy this song so much; but I still like it. It helps me to remember that it really is amazing all that I do.

Along the same train of thought, it's amazing that my body can keep up with me. I have a SUPER BODY that hauls Kaylee and her car seat around, picks up 32 pound Joshua, walks up and down stairs all day, moves around boxes and furniture, and keeps up with all the demands I place on it everyday. This body performs day in and day out, with only minor complaints. I am amazed at the Great Designer and this body that I've been given. Of course my weight is more than I'd like, my nails are not pretty and I have a funny bump on my neck. BUT, I want to show respect for this body and be amazed at what I can accomplish with
it in my super woman life.

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Sara said...

Reading this made me so happy to know you! Motherhood is the hardest job on earth and to do it well speaks volumes. I mean think about it! You are a mother, a wife, an interpreter, a daughter, a pet owner, a sister, *and* a "self" when you find the time for just you. You are a SUPER woman! Feel free to wear your "S" with pride. (And do a lil' jig when no one is looking)


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