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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Things heard around my house: January 2013

Snuggling in the early morning…
Kaylee: I love you mom.
Me:  I’m pretty sure I love you more.
Kaylee:  I love you most
Me:  I love you infinity.
Kaylee:  I love you eternity.
Me:  That’s the great thing about mothers and daughters.  Their love keeps growing and growing, just like me and my mom.
Me:  (smiling) Because she is old we have grown together and our love is big.
2013-01-29 001 2013-01-29 004
I asked Kaylee to tell me a little bit about her pets:
Moona is a green bear and she has lots of friends.  She has an orange bunny friend and she has a pink kitty friend and they all flew off together when they were free.
A blue cat with a green pokla dot bow named Lily and her friend Bodacia .
I had an orange cat, I mean a pink cat that was named Wasperi.
2013-01-29 001 2013-01-29 018

“THIS IS HORRIBLE!”  Gracie moaned, after getting the stomach bug for the first time.

2013-01-20 001 2013-01-20 003
(Brian with his “lover” cat, Tigger. Apparently, the cat doesn't mind the beard as much as I do.)
“I’m so lucky that you came to visit me. “ Grace told my mom as she left.
2013-01-13 001 2013-01-13 002
(Kaylee and Daddy spent hours putting together Lego Friend sets that were Christmas presents.)
Laying in bed because we both felt sick….
Me:  Will you take care of me when I’m old?
Grace, touching my face and looking deep into my eyes:  Yes. I will hold you and snuggle you always.  Even when you are little like me. And when I’m a mommy, I will paint your toe nails.
2013-01-19 002 2013-01-19 003
(Gracie with a blueberry face from making smoothies.  Almost everyday, I set ingredients out and she puts them in the mini blender to make us fruit smoothies.   They taste amazing, and I love her independence.)


moom said...

So love you all! I will read this over and over! Makes tears as I smile!

Ronda said...

I think this is the best one yet!


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