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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tea party with Grammy

My cousin and I took our 4 little girls to my mom’s house after Thanksgiving.  They are the same age and get along so well that we barely saw them at all for 2 days.  It. Was. Awesome.

The TV wasn’t turned on even once, nor did they notice or ask.  They were too busy coloring, dancing and pretend playing to be bothered with a show.   I love that!


2012-11-24 001 2012-11-24 027

Little Gracie all dressed up with her earrings, scarf and hat.  What a little lady.

2012-11-24 001 2012-11-24 038

Olivia, 5

2012-11-24 001 2012-11-24 045

Oh wow!  Hot chocolate!

2012-11-24 001 2012-11-24 095

Belle, 3 dressed to impress.2012-11-24 001 2012-11-24 053

Joshua didn’t want to miss the hot chocolate and little treats, even if he was the only boy!

2012-11-24 001 2012-11-24 076

Kaylee and Grammy checking out how the duck tea pot works.  

I can remember using real tea cups for special occasions, so I love that my girls have now had the same experience.   2012-11-24 001 2012-11-24 078

Candy houses were carefully constructed to withstand the weight of every variety of candy from the Wegmans bulk section carries.2012-11-24 001 2012-11-24 087

Most of the houses went through some reconstruction.  Check out the candy cane support beam and the absurd amount of frosting on the roof!



Ronda said...

I can feel the joy in these pictures! So cute. Joshua is a trooper.
My girls use their fancy tea cups too and still can't believe I allow that.
Precious moments.

Anonymous said...

Seriously such a fun weekend. The girls still talk about that weekend all the time. We must do it again sometime.


mom said...

I am hoping it will be sometime soon....very fun time together!


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