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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

mini scrabble

I always grab Scrabble games at thrift stores and garage sales.  I just have this thing for the letters.   Sorta hate the actual game, but those little letters in perfect squares…..ah.  I can’t get enough.


So, two summers ago, I saw a travel scrabble game at a garage sale for $2 and bought it.  I didn’t realize till later that “travel” is code word for “itty-bitty pieces”.  At the time, I was mostly using scrabble tiles to make necklaces like these,

scrabble necklace tiles 

so these little things were useless.   I threw them into my box labeled “Junky Junk” where they hung out for a while.IMG_3056


The other day I had a revelation.   Inspiration.   A light bulb moment.    The mini tiles are exactly the same width as a clothespin!   I warmed up my glue gun and started playing around to make words like HOPE, ALIVE, QUEEN, MENU.

Then, even BETTER, I glued some magnets to the back so they can hold papers on the refrigerator.   (the side of the fridge, not on the beautiful front of course)

(I’ve had this vinyl decal up for over 4 years on our fridge and I’m still loving it!)



Since the glue gun was hot and I had el cheapo ring bases hanging around, I made a couple of rings for little Gracie and her friend.  They are weird rings.  You’re not going to see me with an “A” on my finger.


My favorite might be “DO IT”.   ha. 

What’s your favorite?  I’m going to stash some in my purse and start secretly leaving them at people’s houses when I visit.  


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