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Friday, August 31, 2012

Things heard around my house: august 2012

“Did you get hurt?”  I asked Joshua.
“No.  I’m  99% ok and only 1% hurt.” was his reply.

“What kind of party do you want for your birthday mom?”  Kaylee asked, 2 months in advance.  We brainstormed some of the things I like:  daisies, penguins, chocolate, scissors, blankets and cupcakes.  She wrote down a plan, just like I did for her party.   It never crossed my mind that my daughter could plan a party for me….sweet! IMG_3174

“You have the best mommy.  I love Grammy.”  Grace told me one day. 
Grace:  (Screeching) There’s a spider on the pink hooker!  

Kaylee:  Where?

Grace:  On the pink HOOKER!!

Turns out the “hooker” is a pink plastic hanger.

A text to Brian during one of my (unusual) 10 hour work days:

Me:   Busy day, everything is running late.  Can’t get home.

Brian:  It’s ok. I took kids to Strong Museum.

Me:  There’s nothing like listening to HIV and STD presentation to make me appreciate being in a monogamous relationship. 

Brian:  LOL


“Mom, I’ve got good news and I’ve got bad news for you.”  Kaylee announced out of the blue.  “The bad news is that I haven’t been able to change Gracie’s diapers until today.  The good news is that now I can!  I will change all her wet diapers and you can change all the poopy ones.”   (Kaylee is 5, Grace will be 3 in a few months and hopefully potty trained soon.  And *THAT* will be good news!)IMG_3186

"I made you some carbs and coffee." I said, throwing a plate full of French toast on the table.  In one month, Brian lost 13 unwanted pounds while *I* lost none on a low carb diet.


“I think it’s funny we have four bedrooms, but the entire family is sleeping in our bedroom”  I commented one morning when I woke up to find one kid in our bed and the other two sprawled on the floor.


“I don’t like when he waggs me!”  Gracie wailed about my mom’s dog.




Autumn Chrisley said...

Love all the stuff you wrote about! You can tell what a great mom you are! Of course this does not surprise me! Keep it up... love reading about your beautiful family! Xoxo

mom said...

oh my goodness....I can't stop laughing!!!! maybe you should do this on a weekly love love these babes!!!!


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