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Friday, May 18, 2012

Play Room

I switched things around at my house….again.  I decided to put the girls together in one bedroom (beds and dressers) and use the extra bedroom for toys.    I’ve tried all kinds of sleeping arrangements in our four bedroom house trying to find the right set up.

I painted one wall of the play room dark purple as an accent wall. It’s actually called “grape jelly” and I love the color.   The pendent garland is made out of scrapbook paper that I folded in half and then sewed together.  I used it as a party decoration, but decided it looked fun in this room too.


The girls helped me paint this $20 book shelf I got from Craig’s List. It’s perfect for doll houses, and My Little Pony villages.


Papa John made the play kitchen as a Christmas present one year.  It’s been down in my real kitchen for a couple of years, but this is one of the best things we’ve moved to the play room!   All those dishes….all that plastic and wooden food. 


I painted the flowers on the walls a few years back and both of my girls slept in the wooden cradle when they were babies.  Awwww.   Now we throw stuffed animals in there and it helps with organization a little.



Sometimes the room looks like this…sometimes not so much…..


The best part is that I can just close the door and the toy room “disappears”.


1 comment:

mom said...

Seen it in person and really love it! is nice to have a "place" for everything....although I always found you kids still stayed cloe by (underfoot) no matter where the play room was....


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