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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Things heard around my house: December 2011

Brian:  Joshua!  Stop picking your nose and eating your buggars.  It’s really gross!

Joshua: Well, Kaylee picks her nose too.

Brian:  That’s true.  You *do* pick your nose a lot, Kay.

Kaylee:  Yes.  But I don’t eat my buggars!  I just put them all over the house!

(Maybe I should have a category for “Things I wish I Hadn’t Heard Around my House”)



“LOVE ALWAYS WINS !”   I overheard someone yell in the car.    I listened to figure out the context…and this is what I heard:

Paper, scissors, rock, building.   Building wins!

Rock, paper, scissors, toilet.  Toilet wins!

(Rock, paper, scissors, love.  Love always wins.)


After school, Joshua told me:  “There’s one birthday in my classroom for December, but that person is invisible.”   Huh?  “It’s Jesus”, he whispered like a secret.  “But Jesus is in every classroom!!”


(Grace is transitioning into no naps…some days less we find her in funny spots)


“I LOVE Cheetos!”   (Pause)  “But I hate Styrofoam.”   Kaylee


“I don’t want to go to bed!  Never! NEVER!”  GraceIMG_9487

“Hey!  I know who your dad is!”  Joshua said after I told a story about when I was a kid.


Brian:  Are you going to the store today to get some essentials like milk?

Me:  Yes. Milk and chocolate.




mom said...

This is so priceless!!!!! love love love reading these...what a hoot.

Ronda said...

THis reminds me of when D.R.'s folks came for Thanksgiving and everyone was hugging. Gia looked at all the hugging going on and said "Well,I guess you guys know each other".

Lauren said...

Your 'things heard around the house' is one of my all time fav things on the internet. <3

Sara said...

Look at Kaylee's bangs?!!? And Joshua's adult teeth & cute crew cut?! They are growing up so fast... Poor lil Grace doesn't want to fall asleep because she's afraid she'll miss something- time flies by so quickly in your house...


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