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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Interpreter Line of Clothing

Looks like a scarf, right?

But when it's time for me to interpret, I can move the fake scarf behind me.....

And it can hang out there like a cape or something, leaving the front of me with a solid backdrop to sign.

I had this super soft, pretty fabric laying around my sewing table from when I made that velcro belt.  It matched this purple sweater that Cindy gave to me.   I love the sweater's solid color and the little tufting at the shoulders.  Really, it's a great sweater all by itself, especially to wear when I'm working.   But I just couldn't leave a good thing alone.

Brian thinks I should start a line of clothing for sign language interpreters and make a butt load of money.   I think a scarf/ cape is weird and I'm not sure I like it.  Creative?  for sure....  but I have a feeling that I'll be snipping that beautiful piece of fabric off pretty soon.   :)



Christine said...

I think it's genius!

mom said...

don't snip it looks so pretty


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