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Friday, October 14, 2011

Angry birds party

We had a family birthday party, an "Angry Birds" event. My family loves to play that game. Sometimes when I'm trying to cook dinner, I ask Brian to play with the kids, he pulls out his phone and they gather around quietly to watch him play the game. That's a game worth having around.  Even Grace knows how to scroll down on my phone and get to the right screen to play all by herself.

It seemed like a good theme for a party!

When our guests arrived, they colored Angry Bird images then glued them onto a "headband" type thing that I made with elastic and cardboard. I found the free coloring pages from IMG_0830IMG_0823

I had a couple dozen boxes from the USPS. (The priority mailing boxes are free and I like to have some on hand for mailing out Milestone Month orders)IMG_0819

(Grace helped me put corn in the boxes and tape them up. It was like giant building blocks for her. )

I spray painted some of the boxes gray and some brown, and then added some dried corn from an old project so they had a bit of weight to them.

I bought some plush angry birds and a water balloon sling shot from Amazon so we could set up a life sized version of the game in our backyard.


I bought a bunch of streamers, but I kinda hate streamers as decorations. I'm not good with that flimsy stuff. Instead, I had the kids grab a partner and design "angry bird" costumes. It was pretty entertaining. :) And the girls did WAAAAY better than the boys.

The balloons were super fun to make! I found a template on line at The Party Animal blog, which is an amazing resource for planning any party.  I am lucky to have a friend who loves to make cakes.

(Super lucky.)

I can’t stand spending time making something that gets devoured in 2 minutes, but cake decorating is her creative outlet.   And I’m happy to provide her with opportunities to be creative! ha

When I saw these cupcakes, I may have gasped and definitely squealed. Absolutely amazing, and the cutest thing I've ever eaten! They were a huge hit at the party (and I'm so glad that I wasn't the one chopping up candy and marshmallows into minuscule pieces. )

Check out Then Comes Life for more details on the "Angry Bird" cupcakes that Sara made for the party!


The boxes became a train and other fun things as the afternoon proceeded.     We loved having friends and family over on a beautiful day to celebrate the Trager birthday week.  (3 of us in 3 days)


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Christine said...

Genius and a lot of fun! The cupcakes look amazing


Made by Brian Trager