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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A home for fairies

Did you know that fairies live at Grammy’s house?  They make

Kaylee spent an hour making a special spot homey with Grammy, who had perfect decorating accessories that she’s collected from nature walks over the years.


mushrooms = umbrellas

twigs + bark = table

rock = bed

leaves = blankets

acorns = chandeliers

rolled bark = sleeping bags

rocks = gems

acorn tops = bowls


When she was all done, she contentedly whispered, “I think they’re going to LOVE it!”

(and mom possibly had more fun than K did)



Christine said...

That is so sweet...I love the pictures of your mom and Kaylee--priceless...

Sara said...

i still believe in Fairies... They absolutely did loved it.

mom said...

its true...I check on that fairy house all the time...and you know...they HAVE visited...the mushroom umbrellas Kaylee left for them are gone...during the rainy week we had...seriously....hmmm


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