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Friday, September 16, 2011

black ruffled sweater


I found this sweater at The Clothes Mentor, a couple miles from my house.

Black is good.

Ruffles are better.

1/2 price at a consignment store

You know that’s coming home with me!


I wasn’t crazy about the buttons, and after the first wear, one of them fell off.  I could either sew it back on, or make it better.  (for me)

I don’t mind ruffles cascading down my chest, but a line of shiny buttons marching down the front of me?  No thanks.  I prefer to have a solid top when I’m interpreting or signing, which is pretty much ALL THE TIME!

I snipped the buttons off and then sewed down the front, basically turning it into a pull over sweater instead of a cardigan. 


The baby was screaming during this photo shoot, so I let out a scream or two myself.

Funny, I thought I loved that grey cami with the super chunky lace edging at the bottom….but now that I “see” what it looks like, I wish it was half as thick.    I can fix that……  Winking smile



Neabear said...

That is a great idea to turn it into a pullover. Looks awesome. I know you can fix anything. You do such a good job at that!


Sherry Poundstone said...

ur so cute!


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