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Monday, August 1, 2011

Things heard around my house: July 2011

“This is the best day of my life!”  Kaylee whispered as we watched fireworks out her window on July 4th.IMG_0075
“I want to go to shore!”  J and K say when they are ready to get out of the pool.


“I found your wallet.  It went through the laundry.”   (A text message I sent to Brian.)

You can tell that Joshua’s been reading a lot when he says stuff like: “I can’t wait to jump into the crisp cool water.”  (He’s been plowing through books this summer and has 4 books going at the same time right now)

Brian lets the kids practice taking pictures on his old SLR camera.

B:  Hard night?   (as I grumpily poured some coffee)
Me:  Hard night.  Hard morning.  Hard life.
B:  It could still be a good day.  (he said gently, and I repeated that over and over to myself, surprised that it worked.)

“Mommy, have I ever steered you wrong?”   Kaylee asked me.


At Kango play center, I overheard Joshua strike up a conversation that went like this:
Joshua:   Isn't this place so much fun?
Stranger:  (no response)
Joshua: HEY!  Are you deaf?
Stranger:   No.   Were you talking to me?
Joshua:  (laughs)  Yes!  My dad is deaf.
Stranger:  oh how nice, do you know sign language?

"I see mama's booty" Grace says when I'm getting dressed. I think it's time for some additional privacy.

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my favorite part of every month. period.


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