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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Picnic table splashed with colors


I painted my picnic table the other day.   Totally on a whim.   The kids were playing outside with my mom and I had the crafts paints outside for some reason. 

And I just decided to start painting away.


We’ve had this table for-e-ver.   One of our neighbors moved out of state and asked if we wanted it.    It’s super heavy and pretty ugly.   Any time we eat outside, I’d put some kind of tablecloth over it.   I’m not crazy about tablecloths because I think they are a lot of work to clean up, wipe up, wash.  I gotta do that with 3 kids….


I happen to know that craft paint, the cheap stuff in the small containers, will hold a stain.   The kids spilled some last summer when we were doing a little project and it soaked right into the wood.   I couldn’t get it off!  Perfect for this paint job.


I gathered inspiration from the colors on my Christmas Tree mini rug, and followed the planks of wood to make cheery stripes.


I added a polyurethane clear coat over the colors and now it wipes up popsicle and ice cream drops very nicely!

Totally free update to a sad, sad looking picnic table……a splash of color on my grey deck… and easy project all the way around.



Sara said...

So FUN! I love the bright summer sunshine colors :-) I miss our picnic lunches-cherry table and good friends!

Christine said...

That looks great! Can't wait to see it in person ;)!!

carole said...

So when Brian gets home and finds a multi colored picnic table in the backyard, what does he say? :)
I think it looks really nice!!

Amy Jo said...

He says, "Oh." and nods his head. He really doesn't mind anything I do to the house as long as it doesn't require his help. :) (and that's the way I like it!)

Neabear said...

What a neat idea!



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