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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

things heard around my house: may 2011

She's wearing a dress my mom sewed for me 32 years ago. 

Kaylee:  How old am I?
Me: 3
Joshua:  really, you are like 76% to 4 years old
Me:  That’s true.  You are 3 and 3/4.
Kaylee:  And how many cents?

Me:   Hey, look over there!  They are digging around that house.
Kaylee:  I like that house.  Maybe we can move there in 90 seconds.
Me:  I really like our house.  I don’t think I’m ready to move anywhere.  Are you?
Kaylee:  hmmmm.   well, maybe in 3 minutes.
Both girls fell asleep on our evening walk.

Joshua:  When I grow up I’m going to live with Kaylee.
Me:  really?
Joshua:  Yes.  We are going to live in the house together.
Me:  What about me?  Where will I live?
Joshua:  You can live with the grown ups and we will have a separate place.  We will go to college together and live together.
Me:  What about Gracie?   Can she live with you guys?
Joshua:  No, she can stay with you.
My mom is back from Kuwait!!
Out of the blue…
Joshua:  I think I’m going to marry Tori.
Kaylee:  And I’m going to marry Joshua.
Joshua:  You can’t marry me!  I’m your brother!
Kaylee:  Then I’ll marry Caiden.
Joshua:  He’s your cousin.  You can’t marry him!
Kaylee:   Kierson?
Joshua:  No!  You can’t marry someone in your family!
Kaylee:  (unsure)  Jack? (Tori’s brother, which would be very convenient for me and Julie, our awesome day care provider)
If I could have found a spot, I would have snuggled up on top of him too!
Joshua:  Were there carrots around back when you were a kid?
Me:  Yes
Joshua:  Then why do you wear glasses?
Beautiful blooms in our front tree.
That’s my mommy, but her nickname is Amy Jo. – Kaylee

Post ponytail hair
Grace:  NO!  Stop Mommy!
Me:  I can’t!  This is my job.  (changing diaper)
A new water table toy that all three kids love playing with.
Gracie’s longest sentence to date:  “I want more strawberries please.”

Kaylee putting Gracie's diaper back on.


Ronda said...

Joshua is a math genius for sure! Cute cute cute.

Julie said...

I love reading these, they just crack me up! I end up reading most of them back to Rick too. :) And yes, I've heard many marriage proposals between all 4 of the older kids! lol


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