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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Things heard around my house: April 2011

“My mom can speak sign language, but she’s not deaf.”  Joshua explained to a friend.
Kaylee:  I want you to hold me.
Me:  I can hold your hand if you want.
Kaylee:   I want you to hold my whole body!
So I picked her little body up and carried her the rest of the way to the car, knowing that pretty soon she’ll be too heavy to carry, and too old to even ask.


"Let's go!  Time for a FAMILY ADVENTURE!  Get your coat, shoes and get in the car!"  
(This could mean we are going to the zoo, to the children's museum, home depot, ice cream or any other family destination.)



“Look at all these PESKY worms!”   - Joshua

While I was getting ready for work, Grace found the stash of feminine products in the closet.  She unopened a couple and used them as tissues.   Then Kaylee walked in….

Kaylee:   What are these????

Me:   They are for mommies.

Kaylee:  Are they toys?

Me:  No, no.

Kaylee:  It looks like a diaper.  Is it a diaper?

Me:   Sorta!

Kaylee:  Here Gracie, put on a Mommy Diaper!


Me:  How many pair of underwear are you wearing? 2 or 3?

Joshua:   (laughing)  Only 2.

Me:  Why?

Joshua:  Just in case someone rips off my clothes, I still have protection for my private parts.


I love to see my geek fixing stuff around the house.



mom said...

oh my gosh these just keep getting funnier and funnier!!!! keep them coming!

Traci Michele said...

oh my goodness! Love it all!

<3 traci


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