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Sunday, November 21, 2010

White Dishes above my Cabinets

This is the "before" picture.  It doesn't look too bad, actually.  But a few months ago, it bugged me and I took everything down.

Everything except for that basket in the corner.  It took a lot of effort to maneuver that $2 garage sale basket off of the shelf.    Once it was off, I left the top completely bare for a while while I thought about it. 

I started collecting pitchers to fill that space above the cabinets.  All of these  were from garage sales or the good will for less than $3 each.  That weird green speckled one was just $1!  I looked for different shapes without worrying about the pattern and colors of the pitchers.  I wasn't sad to see spray paint cover that rooster, but I had second thoughts about the pretty flower one.

For now, I like the look of all white pitchers up there.   I can't use them for anything but decorations now that they are spray painted, but I'm okay with that.  

 I am still on the look out for 6 or more pitchers/watering cans/ teapots for the other wall of cabinets, and I'm trying to enjoy the process of hunting down these cheap, paint-able objects.


Sara said...

they are so beautiful- you are a spray paint master! one of my favorite things about coming over is seeing your new pitchers :-)

mom said...

I like the white!! and the various shapes and is true...half the fun of the project is the preparation, buying, it honey.


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