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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

It's Story Time!

Brian tells the kids a bedtime story almost every night. His stories are really amazing and last at least 10 minutes long. These stories come with sound effects, motion, in spoken English and American Sign Language. They are pretty amazing, and I try to catch them too when I'm around. I do not tell stories, because my stories are super duper lame. I read bedtime books, but that's it. And the kids would MUCH rather have a daddy story than a book read by mommy. Go figure.

The stories usually revolve around Superman, Batman and kriptonite or about Daddy defeating "The Beast". Joshua requests the Superman-Batman combo and Kaylee always requests the beast. There's something not right about a sweet little 2 year old asking for a story about a beast. She should be asking about princesses and fairy tales....

Recently, Brian had a cold and lost his voice completely for about 3 days. He was planning to skip the bedtime story, but Joshua was crushed and asked for the story in sign language. Joshua can understand ASL fine, but little Kaylee isn't quite there. Joshua promised to tell the story to his sister, so Brian started signing. A minute went by...two minutes....three minutes. And Joshua didn't say a word.

He may be a CODA, but he can't interpret yet!

CODA stands for Child of a Deaf Adult. CODA's are generally proud to be part of both the deaf and hearing world, and often make the very best interpreters.



Sara said...

that is ADORABLE!!!

carole said...

Tim is the storyteller at our house, also. In one language, though. My stories are lame, too. :)

Julie said...

Ok...that explains it! Joshua and Tori pretend to put eachother to sleep here sometimes and he will offer to tell a story. It always involves Batman and Superman and fire and crashing and loud noises - and YES, it is VERY long! Usually Tori is done listening after a minute and Joshua will be frustrated because its not over yet! LOL So he usually tries to finish the story to Jack or Kaylee, if they don't listen then I'm stuck learning about Batman. :)

My stories are lame too, but Tori and Jack don't care. As long as Princess Tori, Prince Jack, Princess Addison and Prince Michael (Tori's FAVORITE cousin) are in the story then its fine.


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