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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My husband, the bug

The kids cry when they see Brian wearing this heavy duty, industrial mask. It's pretty scary. He looks like a giant bee face. He wore it last night, replacing our garbage disposal. He glued two pieces of PVC together with this nasty cement glue that had warnings of severe bodily harm if inhaled. He made me wear a mask too, but it was the crappy kind since I was just the bystander.

Can I hear a shout out for garbage disposals? Call me a diva, but I just don't want to live garbage disposal-less. I'm impressed that he replaced this equipment with no problems. Gotta love a DIY-er guy!



Sara said...

nothing better than a fix-it-for-you man! (even if he has to wear the bug mask haha)

mom said...

Yeah Brian!!! good job!


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