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Friday, January 15, 2010

Kaylee’s kitchen



My step dad made this amazing kitchen set for Kaylee’s Christmas present.  It has a stove, microwave, sink and lots of storage for her food and dishes.  The last one was a request from me.   I had a feeling her kitchen would be harder to keep clean than mine.




Anonymous said...

Wow that is one seriously fabulous kitchen! What a lucky girl to receive that!

I'd like to award your blog a Sunshine Award if that's Ok? Because I just love reading it! The details are over on my blog.

Ronda said...

What an amazing job! I wish I had someone in our family who could do this kind of stuff. WOW

Lindsey said...

gorgeous kitchen!!! wow...everyone that knows you seems to be so crafty, creative, handy, etc, etc, etc!!!


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