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Friday, January 22, 2010

Daddy babysitting


I’m back to work now, and Brian watches the kids a few hours over the weekend while I’m out. He put all 3 kids in front of the TV and then showed me this picture when I got home.

My response: “C’mon! The baby’s watching TV? And you let Kaylee have her pacifier?” (really, I probably noticed that stupid pacifier first...but thought the baby watching TV deserved more attention)

They were watching Signing Time. I didn’t ask how many times they watched it. Some things are better left un-asked.



Ronda said...

This is hilarious! I've been working a lot of weekends, and I usually get home to the kids still in their pajamas! Just love it.

Lindsey said...

so funny! Michael has watched Spiderman 2 (PG13!!) and Old Yeller when I was working! they just watch SU Bball and football- But my 3 yr old sounds like a grown man hollering about bad plays and missed 3 point shots. sigh...


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