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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Fabric Paint on t-shirts

Freezer paper stencils are all the rage.  Or maybe that was last year.

Anyway, I’m just getting around to it this week and WOW!  It. Is. Fun!

Click here for  the link to the tutorial that I followed.

My friend and I planned a craft morning, even though we have a combined 6 kids.  She’s due next week, so we thought it best to try these before it was 7 kids.  

Here’s what I did:  I grabbed an icon of a crown and dinosaurs from bing images, traced them onto freezer paper and cut it out, ironed the design onto a tee shirt, then painted to fill in the image.  When I peeled back the painter’s tape and freezer paper template, a crisp design was left on the shirt.

IMG_4350  IMG_4354 IMG_4355IMG_4351

Totally easy. Possibly addicting.  I can’t wait to do more.


1 comment:

catchrosa said...

I was thinking of doing freezer paper thingy but was worried that it would fade after few washes? Did that happen to you? How was the quality? Does it look professional? Maybe I should try it today and see what it looks. Hmm. Thanks for the link to the tutorial. Yours looks awesome.


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