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Sunday, July 19, 2009

paper crafts

Do you know how many board books I have in my house? Dozens and dozens of them that were given to me or bought at garage sales for a quarter. I really don't like most of them, to tell you the truth. I'm a little bit of a book snob. Now that these books have been read and used (sorry Baby #3) I've got another plan for them.

I cut off the binding and then cut apart each page with a brand new set of exacto knives that my step-father bought for me.

I love presents like that! 13 different styles of exacto knives!

I used some spray adhesive to stick some paper to the board and then cut around the edge with my exacto knive.

I made a "scrapbook" of sorts of Jake, my mom's dog who passed away recently.

The hardest part of this entire project was finding a tool that would punch through the book pages. That stuff is THICK! Brian borrowed an industrial sized staple punch from work that did the trick. I wonder how much those cost....



Lorie said...

If the binding is still good, instead of ripping it apart, just spray paint it a solid color and glue the patterned paper onto it. You can paint it with a foam brush and acrylic paint too.

nap time journal said...

Crop a dile works great to punch the holes into the books. I have made severeal of these for myself! I too am a book snob!! haha You can check out my blog and see the ones I made too, along with the tool I use :) Have a great day!

ookamama said...

ha, had no idea you did't like those kinds of books, what a great idea, mom will LOVE the book of Jake !


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