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Saturday, June 6, 2009

$2 chair make over

I've been making a point hit up garage sales this month, and I found 3 of these brown chairs for $5. All 3 of them for $5. I'd hate to admit how much time I've wasted trying to calculate in my head how much that is per chair. More than $1.75, but less than $1.90. Whatever. Almost free! This is the same lady who let me buy her hideously huge canvas for $3 for an art project.
I cleaned it up a little, sanded down a couple of places and then spray painted this a flat black. I rubbed some off the edges so it doesn't look so brand spankin new. This one is going up in my bedroom to replace another wooden chair that I got for $2 at a garage sale 6 years ago. Apparently, spray paint was not part of my life 6 years ago, because I hand painted that bad boy yellow and it has the drips to prove it. It's going to spend some time in the basement.


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