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Monday, May 11, 2009

Handkerchief Dress

This is the easiest dress EVER! I bought 2 pink handkerchiefs, sewed them together, leaving holes for the arms, and cinched it up with ribbon around her neck. It's sorta a mini dress, so I like to put some pants or leggings under it so she doesn't get scraped up. My neighbor thought it looked like something from a boutique.

Ummmm. Nope! Cost me about $3 to make.



Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh Amy, you just never stop with the creativeness!! I LOVE this!:)

Love, A. Cathy

mom said...


ryleeandnoahsmom said...

Really adorable! Now you have inspired me to post pictures of my "pillowcase" dresses I made the girls. They wore them this past Sunday for Mother's Day for the first time.

Kristin said...

Sooo adorable and fashionable to boot! :)

Pink & Green Mama said...

So creative!! I love it and just may have to make one myself. Thanks for the great idea :)


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