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Thursday, March 26, 2009



One of my girlfriends found this idea and of course I wanted to jump in too! All the directions and inspiration came from Susan's website and blog. It requires the use of Adobe Photoshop, which is WAAAAAAY harder than using a sewing machine (in my opinion). Brian did all of the arrangement and placement of the images for us. Thanks, hon.
We are going to each make a set of 12, one for each month for photo shoots. Her nephew is going to be 1 month on March 28th, so I think she'll have to overnight the package!
I'm making a set for my own little one: my due date is Oct 7th! The third baby in a family doesn't usually get as many photo ops or special pictures as the first, but this project will make sure I take at least one photo of the kid per month. It will be something special that the other two kids didn't have.
I havn't told anyone at work that I'm pregnant because....I'm still getting used to the idea, I suppose. When I walked into work this morning, someone said, "Hey! You look great! Have you lost weight?" I gave her a strange look, because it's the last question I ever imagined to be asked. I'm 12 weeks, and my weight is not going down anytime soon! Then she noticed part of my maternity pants and quickly changed her question to: "Are you pregnant? Are you glowing because you're going to have a baby?"
ahhh: to lie or not to lie. Pregnant or not?
I quietly said, "Yes." The commotion that ensued was intense and fun.
The news is out at work, and now also on my blog.


Melissa said...

omg!!! Congrats!!!! Thats so exciting :D

Anonymous said...

Congrats! I was wondering during your sweater mentioned how it would accommodate your ever growing waistline!

carole said...

Hooray!! October is the best. ;)

Kristin said...

Yay, Amy Jo!!! I'm sooo glad you finally told! I don't like having to keep secrets. :) And those onesies are completely precious!!! What a sweet idea. And the 7th is a great numbered day; my birthday is April 7th and so is my firstborn's (yes, he was born on my birthday!). Congrats again!!!

ryleeandnoahsmom said...

LOL! You sure had me sneaky, ha, ha! Congratulations. I am so happy for you. How are you feeling? I'm guessing from a comment you made to me earlier that you have been feeling a little sick. Hopefully, now that you are 12 weeks you should start feeling better soon if that was the case. Are the kids excited?

I'm so excited for you!!

Ronda said...

I just tried to call you to scream CONGRATULATIONS! into the phone but no answer. I cant believe this because I had the strangest dream last night that I was pregnant again and was telling my hubby "3 kids means a bigger car, someone has to share a room, this changes everything!".
Must have been dreaming about YOU, not me. Phew!
Will talk soon.

Suzie said...

yay baby number 3 :-) Cute idea!! I may just have to try it with my own.

Kelly said...

I just have to day this:

Congrats! :)

How are the kids taking it in? I bet they are excited!

Anonymous said...

You're pregnant!!! So glad I checked your blog. Hope it's a fun and exciting journey the third time around! ~Erin

Colleen said... exciting!!!! I guess I just can't keep up with the pheiffer cousins and all of their kids, ha ha. We have to get together soon so I can get your baby things back to you!


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