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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Skirts into rice packs

I'm a little bit obsessed with turning old clothes into "things". Specifically heating pad "things". This one is made from an old corduroy purple skirt and an old cotton dress. The fabric on both is fabulous, but I haven't actually worn either of them in at least....oh 4 years. I also got all fancy and made an inside sleeve out of white cotton for the rice to go in. One side of the cover is the courderoy and the other is the pretty cotton fabric.

Again, I didn't make any measurements. I am a non-perfectionist in all my doings.

I made a super long "rice pack" for my friend that wraps around her stomach and back since she gets bad cramps. Technically, I just sewed the case and told her to fill it up herself since I was out of rice. Nice gift, huh?

I've decided that the best combination for the filling is rice with a ton of dried lavender mixed in. I get the lavender from Lori's natural food, but maybe I'll grow my own lavender patch next summer.


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Ronda said...

D.R. just told me last night that I need a bigger rice bag because my butt is always cold! Then he tried to recover by saying "not that your butt is big!". I know what he meant. I really need to figure out how to use my sewing machine and I can make some of these wonderful things like you!


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