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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Home made Nativity

I like Nativity scenes because there is no better symbol of the reason I celebrate Christmas. I generally prefer the nice sets (made in China, of course) I saw this blog and thought it was cute variation, plus I had most of the supplies already.

I have a box of small flower pots from my wedding favors (yes....7.5 years ago) and I always knew I'd find a way to use them up. Joshua helped me paint the green and brown pots. I bought some wooden "heads" and grabbed a bunch of fabric scraps.

Hot glued the "head" onto the "body". (and I use those terms loosely)
I drew a face on Mary and glued a scrap onto her head. It was previously a sleeve on one of Kaylee's summer shirts.

Here's the whole family. Poor Joseph looks a little cross eyed. I wish it was this easy to get our family portrait taken.
I can't decide if these are cute or tacky. But I do like the idea that Joshua can play around with these and if they break I won't care. I saw him checking out the baby. He said ever so sweetly, "Oh poor Jesus... Mom, I think I broke him!" I told him it was ok, and I glued that head down a little better. It's not going anywhere now!
I still have about 75 of those flower pots in my basement. Should I get busy making shepherds and wise men?



Carole said...

As in, it sounded like Joshua was swearing? or just notifying you of the problem? :)

Amy Jo said...

No! LOL. He said, "Oh Jesus" with tenderness and concern for the poor little thing with no body.


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