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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas Advent Calendar

My girlfriend made this wonderful Advent candy holder this year with a little Godiva chocolate in each pocket. She got the idea from All Sorts blog where you can see pictures of the project at a normal size. Sorry for the small photos...they look like little teeth strung up across her banister in that first picture.
Someday I'll make something like this, but this year I'm pulling together a hodge podge of Christmas "things" to do with Joshua each day. Today we set up the icky fake Christmas tree and put it out on the porch stoop with white lights. He said, "Mom! Did you make that Christmas tree ALL BY YOURSELF???"
He is so easy to impress.
Does anyone want to take bets on how an artificial tree will hold up on my porch? I think it will either:
1) be knocked over by the wind
2) be stolen off my porch. Remember, all 3 of my pumpkins were "taken" during the night.



Ronda said...

OK, I love Godiva, so this would NOT be a good thing in my house! Very cute idea though.

So, where does "Ho Ho" leave the presents if the tree is outside? Just wondering.

Neabear said...

Add a third option: We can think postive and say the tree is going to stay put for everyone to enjoy. The advent calendar looks fun, but I would probably eat all the chocolate at the rate of 2 or 3 a day. Oh well.

Amy Jo said...

I'm planning on getting a real tree this year for our living room. The first time in 8 years that we'll actually be home for Christmas, so I really want to smell a fresh tree! The icky fake tree is outside since I don't have any substancial trees to string lights up on.


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