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Monday, November 3, 2008

Getting Jiggy

I have a "library" room with a wall full of shelves. This has been a dream come true for me since I love books. (It's great to have easily attainable "dreams" because then sometimes they really do come true!)

However, my albums hang off the edge and it looks sloppy. I've spent hours, days, possibly months of my life working on those scrapbooks, and I wanted them on those shelves whether they fit or not.

Yesterday a friend came over to visit, and said "What's up with your shelves? Is one a different size?" Uh. no. The albums don't fit. She was nice enough to offer a suggestion and I really do like how the album breaks up the shelves of books. But I don't want them all like that.

I thought about it all night and this morning the solution came to me. JIG SAW.
I sawed the back of one shelf off. Joshua cried because it was too loud. I turned on the TV and suddenly he didn't mind the noise so much.

I was worried about this project because it involved power tools and altering something we purchased a few months ago. I didn't want my husband to veto this idea so I did it while he was at work. And it turned out just right. WHEW!

Now the albums perfectly sit on my shelf.



Anonymous said...

I love how you think, my dear! :)

Sherry said...

Amy Jo~ It looks so nice!!! I like your assertiveness...AND confidence in using the jig saw. You are definitely a problem-solver!

Lisa said...

You are like my husband cutting holes in things. I always have to leave the room so I don't freak out. I am very non-committal when it comes to holes in the furniture. Glad you got it worked out, though!

I did vote - by absentee ballot - so easy. It wasn't as meaningful as standing in line maybe? The early voting lines were 2 hours long here so I was glad I got around to requesting the form.

Neabear said...

That was a great idea! Those look like Creative Memories albums. I have some of those too. Looks very nice now.

Brian said...

You're right, I would have vetoed that idea!


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