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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Most shelves and cupboards that are 2 feet or lower in my house are now empty. I'm going to have so much more storage once Kaylee grows up. No hurry though, since there are some really great places for Joshua to hide in. Joshua laughed and giggled the whole time Brian was searching for him. Because he didn't have his hearing aid on yet, Brian couldn't hear all the noise coming from under the sink.


mom said...

I LOVE it!!! This brings back memories of you kids playing in my kitchen cupboards.

Kelly said...

Color me curious:

Is your husband Deaf?? The hearing aid part threw me off a bit.

Your kids are soooo adorable.

Amy Jo said...

Kelly, I thought you knew! Yes, Brian is deaf. My kids are learning sign language and will be bi-lingual.

Kelly said...

Hi Amy Jo:

For some reason, I didn't know.

Cool beans. Although my husband is hearing he still signs to my baby boy without voices a lot of times.

Thanks for clearin' that up for me. :)

ryleeandnoahsmom said...

These pictures are so adorable! They should be framed. I guess it really was a true game of "hide and seek" if Brian didn't have his hearing aid in! I love it!


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