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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Basement beautification

This scary photo is in my basement, behind the stairs. Fans, infant stuff, and bags are all piled up here and are quite unsightly. I had a under-used bookcase in another corner of the basement, and a length of fabric whose previous life was as a curtain at my old house. I decided to pull them all together for a little improvement.

People rave about the little furniture tacks, but I bent 2 really quick and banged my thumb up.
I decided to use nail brad instead, simply because that was the first sturdy looking nail I came across on the workbench. I nailed that fabric up from some metal beam. I'm surprised it stayed, to tell you the truth.See how the bookcase fits under the stairs? I haven't decided what to put on this new shelf. Stuff that needs to be hidden away. I have an obsession with organizational units. I'm sure it all started with my need for maximizing space in our old house. But I can't seem to get over it. I have 4 other bookcases, a huge armoire, and a 4 drawer file cabinet also in the basement in my "sewing area". Obviously, I"m addicted to shelving units. Total overload.

Sigh....Pretty fabric makes everything better. Even if it's in the basement and nailed up to a ceiling beam!


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