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Thursday, August 28, 2008

I got this little bathroom shelf thingy from a garage sale for $3. It has been painted white, and is in good shape, so that's one less thing for me to paint myself! I *think* I want to put this in the kids bathroom over the toliet. However, there is a gigantic mirror over the sink that I'm planning on adding a frame around, like I did here.
I need to cover up that mirror somehow. My first thought was to spray paint it. Obviously, I've been spending too much time here, looking at lovely spray painted items.

I'm absolutely crazy about that tissue box print. It's beautiful! But it's a tissue box. Could I possibly decoupouge that? Tape it up there? I know Joshua would be happy to have more clean tissues to add to his pile. My second idea is to look through my scrapbook papers for something that might match. What else could I do?


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