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Monday, August 4, 2008

Bathroom curtains

If you are visiting from The Nester, welcome to my little blog!

We moved into our new house 6 months ago, and I have spent most of my time working on getting the first floor set up all pretty. I'm finally getting around to the second floor. Here's our master bath...

BEFORE: Navy blue curtains had been left by the previous owners. GOLD accents everywhere. I'm not that fancy. I like silver better. I wanted to replace the shower doors because of the gold, but couldn't justify spending the money to replace something that was still functional.

The toilet paper unroller was caught in action! I guess if something that interesting was at my eye level, I'd probably unroll the whole thing too.

AFTER: I found some silk curtains at Tuesday Morning. It's a discount store and the package said "their price $59.99, our price $19.99" I generally think those stores are exaggerating the savings, but $40 for 4 panels isn't bad. I'm almost certain I couldn't make them that cheap. I hung two panels upside down using drapery rings. And I hung them up high! Almost to the ceiling, which adds drama in a small space. Then I shortened one panel (by like 6 feet) and it became the new valence for the window.

I hot glued the two panels together so they move as one piece. I lined the top of the curtain with scraps of a sheet of plastic I had left over from another project to reduce issues with the silk getting wet. I know silk shouldn't be near water on a regular basis, but it looks so pretty that I did it anyway.

Next, I want to paint the walls a taupe or tan or something. And I want to spray paint all the other gold accents with silver paint: the towel bar, the t.p. holder, the door knobs cabinet pulls, ect. Is that the white trash way of redoing a room? Should I just bite the bullet and buy new silver hardware?



Melissa said...

spray paint isn't that expensive. You can always buy the silver spray paint and try it and if it doesn't look good, then invest in the silver hardware.

Probably what I'd do. I hate gold too, and I hate spending a ton of money on things that aren't needed!

arleen oliver, Creator said...
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arleen oliver, Creator said...

amy jo, i love it!!! oh i miss you so. hopefully before summer comes to an end we can get together and i can meet your little princess, she is so beautiful - like her mom!!

Carole said...

Your white trash comment makes me laugh. If it works then go for it! We spray painted our brass chandelier at our Honeoye Falls apt. and it worked fine! :)

I'm Just Me said...

I love the red! Now I know I am miss not-so-crafty... i say buy news ones... you can pick out excalty what you want, it's easier, and saves a ton of time. The paint is expensive (plus chips over time and then the gold will show through) If you do paint and then dont like it that's time and money gone. Treat yourself to a lil' joy- fancy new hardware for your home.. and take the old ones to the thift store for someone to reuse :-D

Ronda said...

AJ, Mr. Seconds has that sort of hardware stuff for cheap...lots less than regular places like Home Depot. You might want to try there first before you go and spray paint everything. I replaces the ugly gold ones at my old house, and what a difference a few bucks made!
As far as the wet curtain, I would say that's not great. Try to angle the shower head away from that side of the shower, and always run the vent/fan while you are in there.
Good luck.

Amy Jo said...

Thanks for the comments....I already have some silver spray paint, so I think I will do a couple items, like the towel bar and the toliet paper holder. I will purchase new sink faucet because spray painting that is just WRONG! I hate the light fixture and no spray paint can fix that, so I'll buy that too. Probably buy new handles and door knobs too as I find them.

As for the silk curtain...yah. There's a reason they don't make silk shower curtains! I have a sheet of clear plastic leftover from covering kaylee's dining chair and will see if I can line the top portion of the curtain with that to protect it. I'll find a way!

Anonymous said...

I really like that! The color looks great in the bathroom!

kristi_temple said...

I love the way you hung the curtain upside down. Your children are beautiful. My youngest liked the toilet paper alot too. He also liked to load it into the toilet and flush (and clog0 the toilet. 2 words . . . toilet lock.

Bonita said...

Hanging it upside down- what a cool idea! They look really pretty and I bet they go really well with the gold even though I know you like silver better.


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