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Friday, July 18, 2008

Improved Ironing Board

I got this ironing board frame for free, but it didn't come with a cover. I wanted to set up a second ironing board near my sewing machine so I didn't have to trek up 2 sets of stairs.

How do you like my fancy rug covering the basement concrete floor? I've tried to fix up my sewing space, but there ain't much I can do with concrete walls and floors.

At work, I googled "ironing board cover tutorial" and found a few sites that showed how to sew a cover.

Of course I didn't buy enough fabric, (because I didn't measure before going to the store) so I had to piece the fabric together to get the right length. I was annoyed with myself, but turns out I can't even see the seam once it was all done.

I laid the board over the fabric and traced the shape with a Sharpie permanent marker. Probably should have used a fabric pencil, but the green didn't bleed through the fabric. Lucky me. Then I added 3 inches all around and cut the shape out. I did a really lousy job sewing the "casing", which is basically a seam just big enough to thread a string through. Sewing those corners was really tricky. I just did the best I could, and surprisingly didn't mess it up. I slipped the string through using the old trick my mom taught me: tie the string around a safety pin and slooooowly push it around the entire length.

Now, here's where it gets interesting....I decided to use an old mattress pad for the cushioning. Whew! I love re-purposing things instead of trashing them! I traced the ironing board shape onto the pad and cut it out. Then I layered the mattress pad, a sheet of heavy duty aluminum foil and the brand new cover. I pulled the string tight, and was thrilled to see it actually covered the board. I read somewhere that foil makes ironing easier because it heats up the fabric from the bottom too. It makes a crinkly sound, but seems to work. I'll try anything that makes ironing faster!



Kelly said...

Hi - I found your blog through another blog and I fell in love with your blog!! :)

You have the most beautiful kids out there, really!

I really enjoy you giving out your ideas, really creative I must say!

Mini hijack: I went to NTID many moons ago and I do miss Rochester but not the weather!! LOL!

I have booked marked you as my favorite! Can't wait to see what you come up next! :)

dana said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my MADE blog. I love this fabric you used. It would be hard to give it up for an Ironing board! You've inspired me to recover mine as well though. I'm jealous of your beautiful East Coast home. Love that porch.
- Dana


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