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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Daisy Painting

My mom is quite crafty. The crafty gene that runs through my blood is definitely from her. She can sew, paint, scrapbook, research genealogy, write calligraphy, cook and bake ect...ect. A couple years ago she decided to buckle down and focus on just one area of craftiness. She chose painting, specifically water color painting and has already taken several classes.

She painted this for me! I love daises! This is the first art work she's ever framed, and I am honored to have the hanging in my home. Doesn't it look great with the blues in my kitchen and living room? I've hung a few different things in that spot, but always took it down. I guess I've been waiting for the perfect thing...



Hooked on Houses said...

How nice that you have a painting from your own mother! I love that! And it really is perfect in your blue kitchen. -Julia

E and T said...

You have found the perfect piece of artwork for this space. It looks fantastic and it looks like it was created specifically for that space.

How lovely to have a piece of artwork that your mum did.



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