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Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I made this Wecome sign the other day while the kids were napping. And a little bit while they were pulling on my legs. I was craving some crafty time, and I need quick results. This little project was just right. Now I've had my craft "fix" so it's back to sweeping floors and picking up toys.
I started off with some beautiful papers I found at Michael's.
I printed off the font in the size I wanted. The red stuff is like a thin sheet of chalk. I got it from Joann's and it's supposed to be used for making dress patterns, I believe. I only use it for tracing stuff. With a blunt pencil I traced the outline of the font, and it transfered a thin pink outline onto the pretty paper.
Can you see that faint outline of a W? Then I added some card stock behind the paper and cut out both sheets of paper. (to give it some stability)
After I had them all cut out, I layed them out on the table, and poked the tops with an awl. (I hate that word!) then "sewed" them together using a big fat needle and some skinny ribbon. The ribbon got all twisted up, but it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful!

Before: 2 screws on the wall were waiting for some sort of garland type thing.
After: Wecome banner with blue buttons hot glued onto the screws

I got this idea from Mrs. B's blog. She uses 8x11.5" paper which saves the whole step of the chalk paper. I want to make a banner that says HAPPY BIRTHDAY to hang up the week of birthdays at our house. I would probably laminate that one though since I can't get enough of my laminitor machine and it would hold up much better over the years.


ookamama said...

Very nice , Looks great ame !

Lisa said...

That is impressive. I want to do that too. I'm scared to start... you have a laminater machine!!!!!!?

Anonymous said...

What a neat way to use scrapbook paper, I just love scrapbook paper so the more the better!!!

Hooked on Houses said...

Wow! I'm impressed. It reminds me of when I had a "welcome" sign that I hung in my kitchen over the back door. A friend of mine laughed and said, "I noticed you're welcoming people as they walk out the door." I never thought about it that way before! Ha. So I moved it to the foyer. -Julia :-)

P.S. Loved your caller stories in the other post! Funny.


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