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Friday, May 9, 2008

You're gonna steal my TV?

I was outside this afternoon painting these chairs. Clearly, the kids were napping. Kids and paint don't mix. Unless the paint is washable and it's on a piece of paper instead of my nice chairs. Halfway through, I looked up and saw a stranger standing *INSIDE* my house. He looked pleasant enough so I said "Hi. Who are you?" He signed his name and said he was here for my TV.

OK. What?

We have a really nice TV. My first thought was someone is robbing my house...I'm glad the kids are sleeping. Then I thought, this is weird to be talking with a robber. But wait, it's too heavy for one person to steal. Before I could process my crazy thoughts, Brian walked in. Turns out 2 of his students wanted to borrow our smaller TV for game night on campus. Whew!

Back to those chairs. My step-father made them for us 7 years ago. He did a great job and I painted them white. Every year I scrape them and repaint the places that need it. I still like them white and I'm not interested in changing the color (because it would take me 5 nap times to paint a new color) However, after 7 years of white chairs, I'm ready for a change. Maybe a stencil or a monogram? Any ideas? I want something classy and simple. And quick and easy.



Little Sweethearts said...

A fleur-de-lis stencil might be nice on your chairs. Very classy & doesn't go out of style. (Like the one I used on the blue/white shield my son is holding on his birthday party).


Anonymous said...

Either way they would look good I like the classic style they are now.

Hooked on Houses said...

Oh, my gosh! The story about the man telling you he was there to take your TV cracked me up.

I love these chairs. I've always wanted some like that painted a nice, glossy red for my back deck. -Julia :-)

Ferrill said...

How about a vinyl design that you can easily remove later on if you want? Someone mentioned a fleur-de-lis (like this: A monogram would be super-easy. Shop around a little though, prices for cut vinyl vary wildly!

Jane said...

Another idea might be colorful pillows?


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