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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Thomas and Tantrums

Joshua is enthralled with Thomas the Tank Engine. He's not a bad role model, I suppose. He's a hard working, cheeky fellow who learns lessons in being truthful, loyal and being a good friend. He's always up for a good adventure.

A day out with Thomas the Tank came to Medina, NY over the weekend. We met up with another family and spent half a day out there. We took a 25 min. train ride on Thomas, visited the railway museum, got some fake Thomas tattoos and colored. In between each activity it rained and Joshua threw a mini fit. I felt out of control. I couldn't do anything about the rain, and not much about the fits.

What is it about kids throwing a fit during a fun event? Surely there is some explanation. Did anyone study child psychology? Please share with me so I can understand this phenomenon. I honestly would have rather stayed home on Saturday morning and let him watch a half hour show of Thomas the Tank.

We went to McDonald's for lunch when it started raining really hard. I think the kids had more fun there in the play area (which was totally free!) than at the Thomas event.



Kristin said...

Wow...great minds really do think alike! Besides the geek quiz we had in common, my husband and I were just contemplating doing this in June with our boys. I was worried how my 2 year old would deal because, as you said, kids always pick the special times you plan out to throw their best tantrums. Would you not recommend it? And if you would, how far in advance did you buy tickets?

Anonymous said...

Oh that's too bad....It does seem that kids always get that way when you do that special, expensive "fun" our circus trip. Just know that you are not alone...maybe it is the excitement of it all that gets them wired up.

Kristin said...

Thanks for getting back to me with your thoughts. I am not sure that we will go; it's about two hours away, and I think no matter how we slice it, my little one could be sacrificing a nap. I will certainly let you know if we go! Thanks again! :)


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