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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

"Good enough"

From time to time I read FlyLady. She's got a lot to say about cleaning and clutter. I mean A LOT to say. Sometimes I can't wade through it all, and other times I catch something that I need to hear. Here's some of my favorites:

Perfection is temporary. 'Good Enough' lasts longer.
Take baby steps.
Work in 15 minute increments.
Don't forget to pamper yourself.
Do a little bit everyday.
Keep on top of the "hot spots" that accumulate clutter.
Only keep what you love, need or use. Everything else is just clutter.



Anonymous said...

Never been on that are right there is a lot of info on there...I liked the 27 item purge...sounds like a lot though..

Sissy said...

Hi Amy,

Thought I would pop over to answer your question about hanging the door. He used Monkey Hooks from Home Depot, and drilled holes in the back of my door (it is hollow.)

Glad you liked it!

E and T said...

I like that these are practical tips. Not long winded, just to the point and achievable.

Thanks for sharing



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