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Thursday, May 15, 2008


I took this crazy quiz and found out that I'm 19% GEEK. Brian took it and he is 54% GEEK.

That explains a lot. Although I thought he'd get more like 86%.

He said, "Cool! I'm a well rounded person since I'm only half geek." I never thought that "well rounded" and "half geek" could simultaneously describe someone's characteristics.

If you take the quiz, let me know your level of geekness .

19% Geek


liz said...

ooooh , you beat me, I'm only 14 % geek. We must be related.

Colleen said...

i am 30% geek!

Anonymous said...

Ok I am 23% geek but in my defense the ??'s regarding computer operating system are unfair since I use what my geeky husband has chosen to install.....sounds like I am justifying I know...and my geeky husband was a 40...I think he downplayed it a little :)

E and T said...

I am 22% geek. I thought my score would be even less since so many of the questions were related to technology, or shows I had no idea about.

Warmest wishes

Lisa said...

I took it and will have to put it on my blog tomorrow. I was about 28%. I'm just glad it wasn't more. I'll get my husband to take it - he must be at least 90%

Kristin said...

I found your blog through Lisa and thought it was so funny that you and I had both just posted that geek quiz! I had used that new Blogger feature where you post on a future date; I took the test a while ago. But what a coincidence that is! By the way, you beat me in your geekdom by just 1%. :)

mom said...

Ha, this is so funny. I am 13% geek. I didn't know most of the questions. I am surprised Brian isn't more. Well rounded he is, I like that. I will have to have John take this.


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