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Thursday, December 6, 2007


Pieces of my life keep slipping away. Sometimes I don't mind. Like all the minutes I spent on the phone dealing with the furnace being replaced, or the hours I lost when driving down to PA to buy our car, or the 15 min commute to work and back. Those moments have passed and I'm ok with it, actually happy to have some of them over with.

But there are other pieces that I want to keep close to my heart because I know these precious days with my little ones are slipping away. I want to remember, but also enjoy them as they happen. Moments when Kaylee gently touches my face and coos at me. Or when 2 yr old Joshua says, "Mommy, let's play trucks, ok sweetheart?"

Although there are days that I feel like we are cramped and squeezed into our little house, I make myself stop and remember that I'm sharing this little space with the people I love most in the world. How can I complain about the dirty dishes, laundry, the toys everywhere when those I love most in the whole world put them there? huh... I never thought about it that way before. And I still think they all need to learn to pick up after themselves... but not at the cost of me missing out on special moments.

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